RE-TILES is a revolutionary product that consists of tiles & bricks that are 100% Recyclable and Lebanese Made. This product is made from UN-RECYCLABEL WASTE; colored glass, and single- use plastic (chips & chocolate wrappers, plastic cutlery, etc…)
What makes RE-TILES stand out is the advantages it has. Usually when a product reaches its EOL it’s thrown away or dumped in landfills, RE-TILES’ groundbreaking advantage is that it can be 1. Recycled 2.remolded & used as a new product then sold at a cheaper price. It can be customized upon the client’s requested shape, size, and color.

We offer our clients the opportunity to RE-MOLD their product if it broke due to natural reasons or simply if they got tired with the design with a discount obviously since the second time they are providing us with the raw material.

Therefore basically they can get a new product with a discounted price out of their old one, and they’d be saving the environment at the same time since traditional tiles get dumped in landfills after breaking, on the other hand ours get recycled and remodeled into new products.

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